Adult Bed Wetting Treatments

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The problem of Nocturnal Enuresis (commonly known as Bed-Wetting) is slowly becoming more and more prevalent among adults. While this is quite embarrassing, you must get proper treatment as soon as possible by visiting your physician.

Now, for kids, a bedwetting alarm (AKA enuresis alarm) is a commonly suggested treatment. In such treatment an alarm system alerts the user when he or she is wetting the bed. In this way the child wakes up and can avoid bed wetting. However, as an adult you may find using a urine alarm awkward and you probably wouldn’t like that option.

Adult Bed Wetting Treatments

So, here are a few other options for treatment:

Bladder Volume Training
The bladder volume training will help in increasing the capacity of your bladder. In this training you have to drink a lot of water and try to hold your accumulating urine for at least 2-3 hours. Repeating the same and similar kind of exercises will eventually increase your bladder, capacity and your control over the bladder too. This kind of bedwetting treatment may be effective especially to those with detrusor over activity. Since this method may result in stretching the bladder, it is advised that men who experience enlarged prostate would consult their doctor for a behavioral therapy option.

Changes in diet
By making certain changes in your diet, like eliminating alcohol, coffee and other caffeine associated products it can help you in overcoming bed wetting. Reducing fluid intake prior to sleep can also help. However, you must make sure that you drink plenty of water in the daytime as it is crucial for proper functioning of the human body.

Finding the root cause
Sometimes bed-wetting stems from another underlying medical problem. These problems include misbalance of antidiuretic hormone which tells the kidneys to produce less urine during the night, depression, etc. Thus, by consulting your physician you may get to know if there is some other problem which is triggering bed-wetting. Then you can eliminate the root cause, and hence the bedwetting problem.

There are few bedwetting medications that treat bed wetting. While they do lower the number of wet nights, they are usually effective only when taken (as they tackle the symptoms and not the underlying condition), and once stopped being taken the enuresis relapses.   Those bedwetting drugs (such as desmopressin, imipramine and others) are mostly effective if combined with other behavioural bedwetting solution.

Waking randomly during the night:
In this method, aimed for preventing the bed-wetting rather than actually treating it, it is advised to set an alarm at a random time at night to wake you up in order to go to the toilet to get empty. Setting the clock to a random time at night is needed in order to prevent the bladder from getting accustomed to urinating at a certain hour regardless if you are asleep or awake.

If all other methods for treating bed wetting fail, then you may consider with your doctor a surgical intervention. The surgery may vary depending upon the root cause and the severity of the problem and of course may not be a relevant effective option in some cases.

Experimental treatments
There are few bedwetting treatments (such as laser acupuncture and Botox) that are being tested these days and that may become more common in the future…

Adult bed-wetting is an embarrassing problem, but avoiding dealing with it may give rise to even more medical problems. Thus, if you find yourself facing enuresis, don’t hesitate in consulting your physician as soon as possible and make sure you start getting appropriate treatment.

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